Using the PBS Brand(s) Locally

A local station brand and PBS brand presented together as a co-brand makes the strongest and most positive statement about our unique local and national value. Co-branding enables us to leverage the different, yet complementary, attributes of each brand while providing greater value to local sponsors. PBS strongly encourages stations to incorporate co-branding into all local communications and printed materials, including signage, print ads and collateral materials used to promote a relationship between your station and any or all of your local underwriter(s). The PBS Brand Guide is available at and at PBS Connect > Communicate | Promote > Branding / Co-Branding.

However your station co-brands, the important thing to remember is to represent both your station brand and the PBS brand in some way on whatever printed material you prepare as part of a local sponsorship package. With this in mind, there is one special note. Research shows that people want to know their local station is associated with PBS, and they want to be sure their financial support goes to their local PBS station. Therefore, in all development-related creative—including local underwriting—the station brand should play a more dominant role visually, with the PBS brand playing a secondary role.

For detailed guidelines and specific instructions for using the PBS and PBS KIDS brands as part of your local development efforts, consult the multiple resources available to you within and  PBS Connect > Communicate | Promote > Branding / Co-Branding.  PBS Development Services and Brand Management staff members are also happy to provide guidance or feedback regarding specific printed materials or communications recognizing local sponsors in conjunction with the PBS brand(s) and/or your station’s co-brand. See the Contact Us area of this resource.