Local Approval Process Considerations

To set up a local approval process for local off-air sponsorship credits (e.g. print) and related communications, consider the following:

Integrate into Exsiting Processes: where possible, build the print component into existing, established station processes:
  • On-air/online underwriting approval process/workflow
  • Brand architecture and management strategy
Key Internal Contacts: consider which departments at your station are needed to support and fulfill the terms of a local sponsorship and who at your station participates in ongoing brand stewardship; be sure to include key players from both of these lists when establishing your approval process. This may include colleagues from:
  • Development/Underwriting
  • Marketing/Communications
  • Brand Management
  • Creative Services
  • Digital/Interactive
  • Programming/Traffic
  • Legal
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Research
  • Station Management
  • Station Board
Workflow Documentation: map out and internally publish your print sponsorship approval process and workflow, detailing distinct roles, responsibilities and deadlines for all involved. Like with underwriting credits, your approval process(es) can be enforced by being set up in your internal CRM database or even in Google docs, Basecamp or other Cloud-based document sharing and project management solutions, where the appropriate staff and managers can sign-off on each step and move the process along efficiently.