Introduction: Print Sponsorship Guidelines


Many local station sponsorships extend beyond a typical on-air underwriting package to include various off-air components—online, events, print ads, signage, collateral materials, products, etc.-- designed to give the respective sponsor added value and exposure. In these instances, while there is no federal law to consider in regards to the credit itself, it is important to acknowledge the underwriter with appropriate creative executions on or within these other print sponsorship elements, so that the creative not only promotes the underwriter’s relationship with PBS and/or your station, but does so in a way that accurately reflects the relationship and presents the PBS and/or local station (co-) brands in a positive light. Using the PBS and/or station (co-) brand consistently and correctly helps strengthen and enhance their value, which in turn transfers more value by association to the sponsor. 

This section of the Local Underwriting Station Hub includes considerations for recognizing local sponsor brands on creative that may also feature PBS and local station brands.

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