Introduction: PBS/Greater Public Online Sponsorship Toolkit

As consumption of content continues to shift to digital platforms, it’s more important than ever to make sure your station is offering online sponsorship opportunities. Sponsors want to connect with your valued audience across all platforms, regardless of the numbers. The interactivity of the online environment offers cost-effective ways to build and develop relationships with corporate sponsors that can not only help boost the corporate revenue your station already generates from other, more traditional media assets, but can position your station to leverage the monetization opportunities associated with newer technologies as they mature.

It's time for public media stations to fully embrace or implement an online sponsorship strategy. Here PBS, working with Greater Public, aims to respond to this reality by addressing some of the specific barriers to online sponsorship prevalent in public media, and thereby hopefully helping stations move forward more easily with an online sponsorship strategy. Our approach is intended to offer more focused and prescriptive advice -- as well as tools and examples correlated to some of the most common station scenarios -- in hopes that stations will be better situated to generate online revenue in earnest. This resource complements some of the information shared as part of the PBS Local Underwriting Station Hub.

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