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National Organizations
Development Advisory Council (DAC) 


PBS Development Services: Contact with questions or for more information about available tools, ervices and training from PBS designed to support local underwriting activities.

National Program Underwriting PolicyContact with questions or for information about PBS Guidelines, national underwriting credits, premier sponsorship and/or PBS national underwriting policy.

PBS Brand ManagementContact with questions or for more information about co-branding, using PBS brands, logos, and print materials, as well as access to the PBS Brand Guide.

PBS Digital Station Services: Contact for more information about,, PBS Parents and PBS Teachers, including modules and related services for stations.




Other National Organizations

It is worth noting that several national sponsorship entities exist that are affiliated with, but are not a part of, PBS.  These include:

  • Sponsorship Group For Public Television (SGPTV): Housed at WGBH, SGPTV represents underwriting inventory from WGBH as well as independent producers. Contact Suzanne Zellner: 617.300.3725. Website:
  • WETA sells their nationally-distributed program and others. Contact: Adam Gronski: 703.998.2644
  • National Public Media (NPM): NPM, owned by NPR, WGBH and PBS, works with potential underwriters across the country seeking dollars for local station underwriting as part of a multi-market broadcast sponsorship, which is usually not otherwise obtainable through a local development effort:
  • Public Television Major Market Group (MMG): The MMG is a leadership organization of full-service PBS stations located in the top 30 U.S. markets. While the group is not a sales entity, it has engaged in work to standardize underwriting guidelines across major markets to better leverage national and multi-market sales opportunities.
PBS also has a national sponsorship sales support office within Development Services.