Introduction: PBS On-Air Underwriting Guidelines

Underwriting for national PBS-distributed programs must be approved in advance by the PBS Program Underwriting Policy (PUP) department.  Although local credits are not approved in this office, the following questions and answers based on the PBS National Program Funding Standards and Practices may be helpful for local underwriting purposes as well.   We hope they provide some insight into the way the PBS Program Underwriting Policy department evaluates underwriting messages. 

Note that, in analyzing the full range of creative elements before it, PBS recognizes that context can sometimes be a decisive factor.  Accordingly, PUP reviews each sponsor message as a whole, and also likes to review each message as a part of the entire credit pod. 

The complete version of the PBS underwriting guidelines is available here Use the submenu above to navigate through some Guidelines FAQs. 

Important Note: No set of specific rules or guidelines will anticipate every use or possible combination of creative elements that constitutes an underwriting credit or sequence of credits.  As always, the credit approval process should include consultation with your FCC attorney and your station’s local underwriting guidelines. This Hub is not intended to serve as legal advice or tacit approval for a credit or credit elements that may be holistically in violation of FCC regulations.