Welcome to the PBS Local Underwriting Station Hub. This online destination is intended as a reference tool for development and corporate support professionals at PBS member stations, offering relevant information regarding underwriting on public television. The Hub is designed to build a baseline knowledge of underwriting practices within the PBS system by summarizing and centralizing information, operations and policies currently in place.

The Hub is not meant to serve as a how-to sales guide, but rather as complement to system training and proven examples of local underwriting best practices and success. The guide includes key contact information and, where appropriate, a list of local corporate support resources available to help you dive deeper into any given area. Whether you are new to public television or a seasoned public television development professional, we hope the Hub proves useful in your work. 

Important Note: The Hub should in no way be considered legal advice. Rather, it aims to inform considerations for local stations in regards underwriting policy and guidelines, which should be discussed further with appropriate local counsel.